Hardwater Deposits, Mineral Deposits, Stuck on Residue
from Not Cleaning on Granite
(Not a Stain)
How to Remove Hardwater Deposits (Mineral Deposits from Hardwater or From Dried on Rough Residue) From
Polished Granite

Hardwater deposits and residue on the surface of granite can easily be removed using Granite Shield's Silicabright and a white
Scotch-Brite Pad. It is common around the faucet area from washing hands and from spills on the countertop that have dried
on the surface. Sometimes hardwater deposits are really hard to remove even using a razor blade. Sometimes Silicabright is a
must to get stubborn hardwater deposits and residue off the surface.

(Not a Stain)


White Scotch-Brite Pads

Shiny Granite Trio

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