Granite Shield Stone Restoration & Sealing Service Business Opportunity

Includes not just licensing, but ownership of your business!
How to apply Granite Shield to Granite.
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Permanently Seal Granite Countertops and Other Hard Surfaces in the Home. Granite, Marble, Limestone,
Travertine, Grout, Glass Shower Doors, Concrete, Stainless Steel.
(No Experience Needed. Anyone Can Do It) As Easy As 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Granite Shield Natural Stone Restoration Business Opportunity

As owner of your business, not just licensed you can build your business as large as you want it then sell it or leave it to
your family and children for Posterity and Prosperity.

Craig Phillips is the inventor of Granite Shield Permanent Granite Sealing Process and was created in 2002. Granite Shield
has stayed at the forefront of sealing natural stones with no competition. Now however, it’s not competition that requires
changing the marketing strategy, but the stone market itself.

The stone market is changing from granite as the preferred choice in kitchens and baths to marble, quartzite, and other
calcite based stones. This has reduced the need of a permanent granite sealer but has created a whole new market for
Granite Shield applicators to pursue.

Stone Restoration

Granite Shield is still the premium sealer on calcite based stones so Granite Shield can protect them better than any other
company, but now add is the restoration and maintenance contracts for the clients as well as restoring the stone prior to

With equipment and polishes from Granite Shield Stone Restoration, restoring natural stone is no longer an art but an easy
application using polishing pads, polishes and creams. This will be an add on sale to your existing sealing service doubling
and tripling your bottom line.

Business Opportunity

The Granite Shield licensing program has always had one drawback, ownership. Granite Shield Stone Restoration will offer a
limited partnership to all applicators and business who wish to join this Granite Shield opportunity. You will be a 95% owner
in this partnership! Granite Shield Stone Restoration will own 5% which will only enhance your business.


Granite Shield Stone Restoration will give a standard 35% discount on its sealing and restoration products. As you already
know if you’re buying in bulk, your cost is approximately $1.20 per square ft. At .78 cents you have almost doubled your
profits. Granite Shield Stone Restoration will apply its 5% to marketing and advertising both in your local area, and nationally.

Availability and Cost

Granite Shield Stone Restoration is available to all existing Granite Shield applicators. If you’re a current applicator with
restoration experience, your buy-in cost will be $10,000.00. If you pay all at once we will credit you $5,000.00 (regular
pricing applies) product back to you. If you wish to pay with terms : $15,000.00 in purchases (regular price) over 3 months
will be accepted. $5,000.00 worth of product at regular price will be credited back to you as well.

Applicators without Restoration experience: Training in restoration will be provided as part of your investment. Your cost is
$20,000.00 and payment in full will get a credit of $5,000.00 worth of product at regular price. Terms shall be $25,000.00
over a 3 month period with $5,000.00 worth of product at regular price credited back to you.

New business prospects who wish to become a Granite Shield Stone Restoration partners cost will be $30,000.00. Training
in restoration and sealing techniques will be provided, along with marketing tools and products. $5,000.00 of product credit
will be provided and there are no terms available. Product delivery will be guaranteed in 4-6 week turnaround from
placement of order.


Current Granite shield applicators can and do make from $10,000.00 to $20,000.00 per month. Current Granite shield
applicators who offer restoration can and do make from $15,000.00 to $40,00.00 per month.

As 95% owners in your new businesses you can build your business as large as you want it then sell it or leave it to your
family and children for Posterity and Prosperity.

Visit website and view a video demonstration of what Granite Shield can do VS other sealers or pre-
sealed granite and also natural stone, stainless steel, glass, shower doors and concrete.

For more information regarding Granite Shield Stone Restoration & Sealing Services email Granite Shield or visit our website at Toll Free 877-477-3254.
Example of a Granite Shield applicator that only does
Granite Shield and makes approximately $10,000 a month.